Awareness at ground

Awareness at ground

J&K administration is trying to educate and educate the people on the ground at village level about the steps taken to have clean corruption free administration.

Recently the Chief Secretary emphasized on the active participation of all the concerned officials/officers along with PRIs and public during the campaign. The CS added that all Prabhari Officers shall ensure that the matters of public importance pertaining to their Panchayats/wards/areas are flagged and appropriately addressed during the week.

He directed the IT Department to institute a feedback mechanism using  Google form application, and to coordinate with the concerned departments to ensure proper record of grievances/complaints, if any. Furthermore, in order to dissuade frivolous complaints, action under relevant laws shall be undertaken. The Chief Secretary called upon people to participate actively in the process so that goal of corruption free Governance can be achieved.

He underscored the importance of feedback from all PRIs, Pani-Samitis etc with regard to certification, saturation of Functional Household Tap Connections (FHTCs), settlement of electricity meter related issues and  resolution of land revenue matters.  He advised all departments to be  firm in  resolve to make J&K corruption free as envisaged by the LG Administration. He reaffirmed that push towards digital Governance was a key element in providing the cleanest system ever in the UT.

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