Futuristic approach

Futuristic approach

J&K administration has started many initiatives for its students in the higher education sector like ‘Design Your Degree’ and ‘College on Wheels’.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said the futuristic approach of the University and the implementation of National Education Policy 2020 have ensured the best academic practices and top-class skilled workforce to meet future challenges.

He impressed upon the higher education institutions and the teaching community to promote independent thinking, creativity, research and new inventions in the campus.

All the inventions of the world, all the institutions that have been formed, all the new ideas that have become possible in the humanities, are products of someone’s imagination. The prime objective of every University should be igniting that imagination in young minds.

Education is the journey of endless exploration and learning. It is the responsibility of teachers to innovatively set up a system in their classrooms to encourage new ideas, provide clear goals and inculcate dedication, confidence, optimism and curiosity for the journey ahead.

In the last three years, our higher education institutions have made efforts to eliminate the barriers that exist between departments, tried to make the curriculum more flexible to promote lifelong learning, and continue to reinvent the classroom concepts, encouraging mentoring rather than teaching.

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