Kashmir Remains Peaceful After Kokernag Encounter: Dilbag Singh

Kashmir Remains Peaceful After Kokernag Encounter: Dilbag Singh

SRINAGAR: DGP Dilbagh Singh, the Director General of Police for Jammu and Kashmir, stated on Wednesday that the recent Kokernag encounter has not disrupted the prevailing peaceful situation in Kashmir.

He emphasised that the region continues to maintain its state of peace, as it did before the encounter. However, he acknowledged that those who initiate violence often gain an advantage. In the case of Kokernag, militants initiated the conflict by opening fire first, resulting in the death of three officers.

Speaking to reporters during the inauguration of a modern police station in Katra, Jammu, DGP Singh, asserted that the Kokernag encounter has not altered the circumstances in Kashmir. He remarked, “The situation remains as peaceful as it was prior to the Kokernag encounter. I am aware that certain parties are attempting to exaggerate the significance of the Kokernag encounter.”

Furthermore, DGP Singh noted that it is advantageous for those who initiate hostilities. He explained, “When security forces are compelled to fire upon terrorists first, it works to our advantage. In Kokernag, the terrorists were anticipating the arrival of security forces and seized the opportunity to open fire initially, resulting in the deaths of two army officers and one police officer.” He added that the operation, lasting seven days, was executed successfully, resulting in the elimination of the dreaded LeT terrorist, Uzair Khan, and his associate. He expressed pride in the teams of security forces involved in the operation, given the challenges of locating and confronting concealed terrorists in a vast mountainous terrain.

“We are in relentless pursuit of the remaining terrorists and anticipate their swift elimination,” Singh said.

He also emphasised that the new police station in Katra will enhance the support for Mata Vaishno Devi pilgrims. He noted that the old police station had fallen into disrepair, and the decision to establish a new one was made a few years ago. Today, they are dedicated to providing this improved facility to the public. (KNO)

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