Onion prices in Delhi-NCR sky rocket; may continue to rise until December

Onion prices in Delhi-NCR sky rocket; may continue to rise until December

In contrast to essential vegetables, which are sold for between ₹30 and ₹50 per kilogramme, onion prices in Delhi and the national capital region have skyrocketed, reaching ₹70 per kilogramme. By the first week of November, the price of onions is probably going to reach ₹100 per kilogramme. The prices are also sky rocketing in Chandigarh and parts of Punjab.

Vendors and customers alike expressed disapproval at the onion prices’ unexpected spike following the conclusion of the Navaratri festivities. The maximum price of onions has increased to almost ₹70 per kilogramme, per official data. It’s expected that this increasing trend will last into December.

High rates are the result of low onion inflow. The prices are Rs. 350 per kg as of right now. That was Rs. 300 yesterday. Prior to that, it was Rs. 200. The tariffs were Rs. 200, Rs. 160, Rs. 250, etc., a week ago. Over the past week, the rates have increased. The shortage of onions has caused the rates to increase, according to one onion vendor.

In the same fashion, the cost of onions has increased in Karnataka and Maharashtra, among other states. Onions were sold for ₹65–70 per kilogramme by the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) at Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru.

According to the Union Consumer Ministry, in places where prices have increased significantly, onions are being removed from the buffer stock in both the wholesale and retail sectors. Approximately 1.7 lakh tonnes of buffer onions have been offloaded at various places across 22 states since mid-August.

Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh has reportedly said, “We have been offloading buffer onions since mid-August and we are stepping up the retail sale in order to check further rise in prices and provide relief to the consumers.”

It is anticipated that the price will continue to rise during the following month until declining in December.



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