Employment generation

Employment generation

Recently the Chief Secretary emphasized on ‘Berozgar Mukht Pulwama’ while reviewing the developmental scenario of the District. He directed for extending the best facilities and infrastructure to the residents of the district.

He held discussions with district heads about the projects and the pace of development.

The Sports Department was asked to intensify sports activities including indoor sports, besides opportunities for recreational activities and age specific sports of senior citizens and enhance women participation, in line with ‘Har Din Khel, Har Kisi Ke Liye Khel’.

Employment generation took center stage during this meeting with a strong emphasis on creating a “Berozgar Mukht Pulwama” through the formulation of a District Employment Plan, ensuring that opportunities of self-employment reach everyone in the district. Focus was laid on creation of the District Export Plan to accelerate growth of per capita income and GDP of the  District.

He called for universal screening of the population for NCDs. The diseases beyond those covered under Ayushman Bhava were also deliberate upon to create a healthier and happier  population here.

Completion of all JJM works and massive afforestation campaign to improve source sustainability of water was also discussed, in furtherance of ‘Wan Se Jal, Jal Se Jivan’, which shall  also improve the overall  environment in those areas.

Efficient solid waste management and the transformation of landfill sites into aesthetically pleasing areas were asked to be given priority, reflecting a commitment to a cleaner and more visually appealing environs in the district.

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