Deaths in hospital

Deaths in hospital

Recently some news reports suggested that there have been lot of deaths in SMHS hospital till November 2023.

The Health and Medical Education Department (H&MED) has rebutted such news reports and said that It is crucial to acknowledge the efforts undertaken by the SMHS hospital administration to address the healthcare challenges in the region. As mentioned in the news item, the hospital administration has procured 156 ventilators over the last three years from various companies, aiming to enhance critical care capabilities. Additionally, significant infrastructural developments have been initiated, including construction of New Emergency Theatre Block, a 16-Bedded Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), and installation of six new oxygen plants with a capacity of 1000 LPM each.  Further, causality wards both surgical and medical have been upgraded. Nero Surgical facilities are provided with causality for critically injured patients with Head Injury. All Radiological including CT, USG, Doppler and other high end investigations are provided under one roof 24*7 and the reports are available online.

The hospital’s commitment towards improving patient care is evident through ongoing projects such as extension of ENT Department and acquisition of a new CT scan machine in the Department of Radio-diagnosis. These initiatives showcase a proactive approach towards addressing the healthcare needs of the community.

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