Sensitization programme

Sensitization programme

Recently Jammu and Kashmir Judicial Academy (JKJA) today organised a day-long sensitization programme for Registrars and Sub-Registrars of Jammu Province in collaboration with the J&K Registration Department at Judicial Academy, Janipur.

The programme was organised with an aim to hone the skills and knowledge of officers and increase their efficiency in discharging their statutory duties more efficiently.

Speakers  highlighted the need to train the officers of  Government who have been vested with the powers of Registrars and Sub-Registrars under the provisions of the Registration Act, 1908, and also deliberated on the need to learn from  rich experiences of the Judicial officers who were earlier discharging those duties, particularly the adjudicatory part of registration. He appreciated the Registration Department for the historic step of computerization of  registrations through technology-driven processes and procedures throughout the UT of J&K which in turn subsided the long wait for registration.

J&K Judicial Academy aims to enhance the knowledge and expertise of Registrars and Sub-Registrars through this sensitization programme, contributing to the efficient and effective implementation of registration processes across the UT of J&K.

Director, J&K Judicial Academy, in his introductory address emphasised the importance of organising such programmes.  He also underlined the need for proper maintenance and preservation of the records in perpetuity so as to prevent fraud. He also emphasized the need to sensitize the Registering officers at the time of the entrustment of powers to them as Registrars and Sub-Registrars.

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