Digital literacy

Digital literacy

Recently in Jammu region many colleges and educational institutions organized Basic Computer Courses for the students lacking exposure.

In this direction recently Principal of College, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Koul. He emphasized the need of computer literacy among students and expressed his satisfaction on the commencement of 10 days course exclusively for the students of college.

Students enthusiastically attended the course and were extremely happy to be given an opportunity of learning basic computer skills keeping in view of the holistic demand of computer skills in present scenario as the dependency of modern world on computer has increased manifolds.

It is pertinent to mention that the College has utilized its own resources for organizing the course. Students who attended the course were: Simran Chover (B.Sc Sem 3rd, 31173004), Komal Bhagat (B.Sc Sem 3rd, 311730035), Diksha Devi (B.Sc Sem 3rd 311730038), Konika Shama (B.Sc Sem 3rd 311730034), Neenu Sharma (B.Sc Sem 3rd 311730040), Honey Arora (B.Sc Sem 3rd 311730041), Neha Kumari (B.A Sem 3rd 311710023) and Sneha Bhagat (B.A Sem 1st 111710026).

The internal resource persons who imparted training were impressed by the enthusiasm of the students. Students expressed their extreme happiness in getting trained in computer course included preparing accounts excel sheets, MS Word, MS Power Point and thanked the college authorities for their constant support.

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