J&K’s tableau advertises UTs’ handicraft industry, saffron cultivation

J&K’s tableau advertises UTs’ handicraft industry, saffron cultivation

Event brings life to legend of Raja Jambu Lochan, symbolizing harmonious inception of Jammu city

JAMMU, JANUARY 25: The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir proudly presented its tableau during Bharat Parv 2024, being held at Red Fort in New Delhi encapsulating its developmental leaps and rich cultural tapestry.

During the past four years, UT of Jammu and Kashmir has made strides in infrastructure development and digital transformation aimed at enhancing agriculture, urban and rural infrastructure, public aesthetics, ease of living and providing a clean, sustainable environment for its citizens.

Pertinently, this nine day Bharat Parv, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, is being organised by the Ministry of Tourism from January 23-31 having seven Republic Day tableaux showcasing different cultural tropes from Karnataka, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Assam, Tripura, and Jammu and Kashmir on display at the fort’s lawns.

The front of the tableau brought to life the legend of Raja Jambu Lochan with a poignant depiction of a tiger and a goat drinking water together, symbolizing the harmonious inception of Jammu city. This scene also heralds the newly inaugurated Jambu Zoo, the first full-fledged zoo in the UT, a haven for wildlife set amidst lush natural landscapes, offering an immersive experience with diverse animal species, including lions, tigers, and peacocks.

A highlight of the tableau was the front trailer, showcasing the delicate papier-mâché artistry of Kashmir, with a lifelike representation of a skilled lady artist at work. This age-old craft exemplifies the intricate cultural threads woven into the daily life of the region.

The tableau’s midsection paid tribute to the “Saffron Bowl of India,” with vivid depictions of Kashmiri women in the saffron fields. The exhibits also celebrated Kashmir’s saffron exports, which have garnered a coveted GI Tag, underscoring their unparalleled quality and the region’s agricultural prowess.

Lal Chowk, Srinagar’s heartbeat, has been rejuvenated with a restoration that marries its historical essence with modern amenities, creating a dynamic urban space. A scale model of Lal Chowk’s iconic clock tower, an attraction for lakhs of visitors annually, graced the end part of the tableau, signifying the region’s progressive urban ethos.

The tableau’s sides were adorned with meticulous models of saffron flowers and scenes of artisans crafting Kashmiri carpets and elegant wooden products, a testament to the local craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit.

“This tableau is a glimpse into Jammu & Kashmir’s commitment to growth and the undying spirit of its people, who are crafting a promising future while preserving the essence of our heritage”, said Suresh Kumar Gupta, Principal Secretary, Culture Department, UT of J&K

Bharat Parv 2024 has once again provided a platform for India’s states and union territories to converge and celebrate their unique identities. Jammu & Kashmir’s tableau stands as a beacon of its developmental journey and cultural splendour, inviting all to explore the region’s multifaceted beauty.

Bharat Parv is a prestigious national festival celebrated annually in New Delhi, in conjunction with India’s Republic Day celebrations. The event showcases the cultural diversity of India through traditional cuisines, folk dances and music, arts & crafts and displays of tableaux from various states and union territories, promoting unity and national pride.

The tableau has been designed under the guidance of Atal Dulloo, Chief Secretary and Suresh Kumar Gupta, Principal Secretary, Culture Department and executed by Bharat Singh, Secretary J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Sanjeev Rana, Additional Secretary.

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