Rural development

Rural development

Rural areas are being developed on priority in entire Jammu and Kashmir to give push for the real progress on the ground.

Recently Secretary, Rural Development Department (RDD) and Panchayati Raj, concluded a comprehensive series of meetings across 10 districts within the Jammu Division.

These meetings were aimed at discussing the Labour Budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 and formulating an Annual Action Plan for development initiatives in the region.

The meeting which was also attended by Assistant Commissioner Development (ACDs) of different districts emphasized the critical importance of convergence with various departments, including the Forest Department, Social Forestry, Youth Service and Sports, Agriculture Department, and more, to ensure a comprehensive and community-centric approach to development.

He underscored the profound significance of the MGNREGA plan, emphasizing that it transcends being a mere document, serving as a visionary guide for society’s development with clarity and purpose.

Key aspects addressed during the meetings included the development of community assets, support for vulnerable sections of society, and prioritization of projects directly benefiting the community. Special attention was given to Category B works focusing on natural resource management and the welfare of vulnerable sections.

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