Avalanche Floods Sonamarg Highway

Avalanche Floods Sonamarg Highway

SRINAGAR: An avalanche has blocked the passage of the Sindh river in the Kangan belt and flooded the road. Machines have been deployed to clear the passage so that traffic does not suffer disruptions of the strategic highway.

Reports said an avalanche hit the Sidh river near Hung area and blocked the passage. “Its water is flowing on the main road as the level of the river and the road is same,” a senior engineer said. “We have deployed machines to clear the block so that water course resumes its routine.”

The Mechanical Engineering Department Kashmir has swiftly deployed machinery to initiate clearing operations, aiming to restore normalcy and ensure safety along the affected route.

Hung is a famous rock-climbing spot, a few kilometres short of Sonamarg.

A senior engineer from the area said the avalanche has hit the area last night and completely blocked the water channel. “The entire river is diverted,” the officer said, “The road is under water.”


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