Runaway Train: Kathua Railway Station Master Fired

Runaway Train: Kathua Railway Station Master Fired

SRINAGAR: Days after the harrowing journey of a driverless freight train, which traversed approximately 70 kilometers to Punjab’s Ucchi Bassi from Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua Railway Station, the station master of Kathua has been dismissed from service, media reports said here on Tuesday.

The move comes after an investigation revealed negligence on the part of the station master, identified as Triveni Lal Gupta, whose oversight could have led to a catastrophic event resulting in potential loss of lives.

The incident, which occurred last month, saw both the loco-pilot and the station master facing disciplinary action. The loco-pilot, who failed to stabilize the train by applying necessary brakes, was promptly removed from duty alongside the station master.

Their removal was swift, with disciplinary notices served on the very day of the incident. The notices, issued by the concerned disciplinary authorities of Firozpur division, cited the failure to adhere to safety protocols and standard operating procedures as grounds for dismissal.

It was revealed that despite the loco-pilot handing over the train to the station master, proper safety measures were not implemented to prevent the train from moving unattended. Railway sources indicated that the absence of a brake van compounded the risks associated with the unmanned train, raising concerns about protocol adherence and oversight.


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