Proactive initiative

Proactive initiative


In order to encourage people to participate in coming parliamentary polls, authorities are trying to engage with first-time Voters in border, Kandli belts of many districts.

Recently as part of proactive initiative to bolster confidence and encourage participation in the democratic process, General and Police Observers for Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency interacted with first-time voters in border areas of Hiranagar and Kandli belt of Jasrota Assembly segments.

Pertinently, both Hirangar and Jasrota Assembly segments falls under Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency which is scheduled to go for polls on April 19.

Amidst the vibrant landscapes of Border and Kandi belts, the Observers engaged in meaningful dialogues with the young electorate, emphasizing the pivotal role each vote plays in fortifying the democratic fabric of the nation.

The visit was extended beyond customary boundaries as both the Observers were very keen to paid a visit to the polling station of these constituencies, accentuating the essence of inclusivity and accessibility in the electoral process.

The interactions, predominantly with young voters, were geared towards fostering a deep-seated understanding of the significance of their vote, elucidating how each ballot cast contributes towards shaping the course of the nation’s future.

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