Flood control programme

Flood control programme

Recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir reviewed flood management, mitigation plan for Kashmir.

He asked for having a direct communication link with the public in times of such disasters so that they do not panic and get actual information about rescue measures and places available for public. He suggested for mapping of mobile towers so that customized messages to people in case of emergencies can be sent. He also asked for identification of rescue centres in all flood prone having all the requisite amenities. He also asked for working out a proper backup strategy to augment the efforts of administration in case of any possible emergency.

He also asked making trainings and exercises an important part of the preparedness plan. He took stock of the functionality of dewatering stations in Srinagar City and asked for periodically checking them for efficacy.

He reviewed working of Emergency Operation Centre and the vital installations present in the flood prone areas. He called upon the Divisional administration to carryout an exercise of creating backup for such installations.

During the meeting, ACS Jal Shakti, Shaleen Kabra, threw light on all the measures taken by the department to deal with such kind of natural calamities in J&K. He said that the UT besides increasing the carrying capacity of the River Jhelum and Flood Spill Channel has adopted other state of the art technologies to have better information and coordination to mitigate its effects.

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